Electronic design

Designing is easy. If you know how to do it.

Innovation and imagination. If we were to use only two words to describe how our companies deal with electronic design, these two would be it.

The electronic design and software developer teams - even before becoming electronic and software professionals - are technology enthusiasts easily entertained when they get their hands on the latest chips or software compilers.

This is the reason why in the last 20 years, Eureka and Akerue, continuously increase their list of processors and components used in client projects. Starting from the first, slow, 8 bit CPU of the eighties, to the latest ARM architecture available today.

This flexibility leads to an immediate advantage for our customers who receive full-scale selected components and technology within any applicable field.


Man is the most extraordinary computer of all

Sensors, micro computers, smartwatches, augmented reality glasses: if you wear it, then it’s wearable.

Wearable technology is the current trend. All hi-tech giants (and not only them) are working to present more and more fitness bracelets and smart glasses.

Our companies have already developed several devices within this particular field.

The long-term experience in miniaturized electronics, in low power devices and - more recently - in energy harvesting techniques, have made it easier to approach the design of wearable devices.

Wearable technology is not only for HiTech multinational companies. There are several niche areas, both in sports as well as in in market research, not to mention industrial automation where a wearable terminals lead to immediate advantages in usability, operators’ compliance, thus eventually augmenting the quality of the data collected.

Medical devices

Technology does not always shelter mankind from Nature’s major challenges...

...but forces it to study Nature in even greater depth.

Designing electronic medical devices.

Our experience spans from control systems of sophisticated pieces of machinery, such as, electron accelerators for Intra-Operative Radiation Therapy, to breath support systems, to a wide selection of diagnostic tools and equipment used in several fields of modern medicine.

During development of such devices we comply to all regulations and directives so as to guarantee the quality and to ease the necessary certification processes.

From risk analysis to requirement sheets. From biocompatibility studies of used materials, to the analysis of critical situations.

Everything is taken into consideration to improve reliability and safety.

Even if your production plan is composed of only a few units, a situation that occurs quite frequently when dealing with very complex and costly units, we can assist clients with production services and post production tests, as well as with validation procedures that are certified according to ISO 13485 standards.