1.500.000 lines of code written

20.000 IOT devices connected in cloud

3.000.000 audio fingerprints analyzed every day


More and more often electronic solutions alone cannot solve a problem.

The electronic cards must be completed by personal computers, network applications, web interfaces to allow users to configure, archive or re-process the data produced by the actual electronic system.

To meet this need, the Akerue company was founded in 2002, the main objective of which is to design and build cutting-edge software systems. The word "Akerue" is nothing but the word "Eureka" read backwards, to signify the complementarity of the two companies. In the operational headquarters in via Fiuggi, Akerue also deals with the housing of advanced internet applications, thanks to a small server farm with very high technological content.

In 2019 Akerue has been incorporated in DAOS srl, augmenting the sinergy between hardware, software and production.