More than 400 completed projects

More than 2.500.000 products sold by our customers

120 new electronic components used every year


The DAOS design services were born with the acquisition of Eureka srl, a company that started the business in 1996, when the design of embedded systems was really in its infancy (and it was not called that!)

The founders' passion for technology is the main element that has always distinguished the company and that has given impetus to innovation, with research and use of the latest generation components and more efficient programming techniques to offer engineering solutions that often exceed initial customer requests.

The acquisition by DAOS has given new impetus to the electronic design activity which now, thanks to a strengthened team, is also dedicating itself to research and development activities in sectors that are also different from each other, with the only common thread of the e.

DAOS invests a great deal in the definition phase of new projects, not just accepting the customer's requests, but elaborating them, proposing additions and alternatives, to be sure that the product that will go to design will be at the forefront, easily producible and - when the market reference requires it - economic.