since 1969 On the market

More than 1000 customers since the foundation.

400 devices designed and manufactured, of which 36 are medical devices

More than 100 prototypes built last year

3000 devices mantained every year


Pro-Custom Electronics is responsible for the engineering of electronic products, production and maintenance. Thanks to its extensive network, the company is also responsible of purchasing components by accessing both traditional purchasing channels, as well as through a network of brokers and importers that make it possible to retrieve complex or obsolete components.

Pro-Custom also serves the medical and industrial sectors by supplying its proprietary tools, and thanks to agreements with international manufacturers, also acts as a distributor of a wide range of products and accessories for the medical and automotive sectors.

For the DAOS group, Pro-Custom also manages the after sales maintenance by offering repair, refurbishing and testing services.

The company's quality system complies with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

It is present on the market since 1969, and is based in Milan.

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