Research and development

If you’ve never made a mistake, you’ve never tried anything new.

Since 2005, we have equipped our organization with prototyping production of electronic boards and small series with the aim of providing our customers with full-scale solutions.

Very often the solutions we propose our customers are characterized by innovation, at times they are at the verge of what technology can actually do. This is why a careful R&D phase must be conducted: to validate our ideas and to improve their implementation.

Thanks to our production site, we can be extremely fast in producing an assembled prototype. This allows our designers to have the time to test alternatives and to produce new ideas and approaches, thus identifying the most suitable solution for the customer’s needs, all in a matter of weeks.

When the design phase is over and when the products are ready to be deployed on the market, our site is no longer suitable. Speed, quality and reliability are inescapable qualities in this phase.

Thanks to our partnership with an electronic manufacturing company that adopts state of the art technologies, we are able to guide our customers from first test series to mass production.


To understand means to analyze, verify, organize

For all our applications, we can offer our clients web interfaces able to check and supervise the systems that deal with data collection and data processing.

Everything can be monitored through a unique point of access, merging information collected from different systems and with different methods.
When required, we can also increase the monitoring system with alarm and reporting capabilities, that generate automatic warning or alarm messages, using any possible communication channel (email, text message, synthesized voice call, etc.).

Since 2005, our Milano venue has been equipped with a server firm capable of hosting such control systems, both in the development and production phase.

But if the needs of the service level, connectivity and reliability, exceeds what can be offered by our environment, the partnership with a major server firm in the Milano area can offer a level of service capable of meeting the most challenging requirements.

Maintenance and assistance

Things brake. Computers lock down. Communications go down.

It does not matter how carefully you design an equipment or a system. Sooner or later every system will stop functioning the way it was supposed to function.

Our companies can assist in the hardware maintainance of the products we designed. We take into account not only the hardware service, but also the refurbishment of the units and all its logistic aspects.

The tight bonding between maintenance unit and design units is the foundation of a virtuous feedback loop, capable of improving the quality of the products over time.

Whenever a critical aspect or a weakness is detected by the maintenance personnel, the information is immediately transferred to the people that were in charge of the design. They will immediately study the problem and come back with design improvements and countermeasures to avoid the future failure and to increase the overall reliability of the device.

Maintenance is not only hardware. Also software and IT structure needs day by day assistance and supervising, generally caused by malicious users and hacker attacks, lack of connectivity and overusage of the available resources.

Only a continuous monitoring, both automatic and manual, can prevent such complex systems from breaking down.

Eventually, also smartphone apps need attention, even if this aspect is often not weighted correctly by the customers. Mobile operating systems change at a pace that has no equivalent in the fixed system. The terminals’ technical characteristics change even faster. New peripherals are added continuously.

Our companies can assist clients through a maintenance agreement that keep their smartphone applications up to date and ready for future upgrades.

Mechanical design

Not just containers

It doesn’t matter if a client needs just a few pieces or a huge production. Electronic units need containers.

Our companies work on the process of selecting the most appropriate solution, taking into account the cost, both the production cost and the initial investment for tooling and molds, but also the technical requirements of the containers, such as robustness, IP level, and last but not least, the aesthetic aspect.

Our mechanical designers work with electronics on a daily basis. In their project, the electronic requirements are at the basis of their focus: antenna positioning, connection robustness, user interface.

When the aesthetic aspect of the final device must be of absolute excellence, Eureka and Akerue work in partnership with prestigious design studios, capable of developing the appearance and usability of the product, including all aspects of communication, campaigning and promotion. Also in this case, the tight bonding between the designers, guarantees clients that the container and electronic developments do not follow parallel paths, but are instead perfectly integrated.

Mechanical design is not only enclosure.

Every day, complex solutions, such as, energy harvesting or heat management or sophisticated transducers, require a design on mechanical detail that is miniaturized and complex.

Our designers can undertake all such aspects, utilizing different materials, undergo tests and verify ideas with the use of 3D printing techniques or CNC machinery.