since 1969 On the market

More than 1000 customers since the foundation.

400 devices designed and manufactured, of which 36 are medical devices

More than 100 prototypes built last year

3000 devices mantained every year


Prototyping is an essential activity both to validate the design and to start production on a solid basis.

Equally important is the maintenance of the devices that are distributed on the market and that must be periodically repaired, re-calibrated, reconditioned and regenerated.

Thanks to the acquisition of the historic Pro-Custom Elettronica company, active since 1969, which has always dealt with the engineering of electronic products and their maintenance, DAOS has acquired the skills necessary to support these activities of fundamental importance for the success of a product.

To guarantee maintenance services even for dated products, DAOS has acquired a dense network of contacts for the purchase of components, accessing both the traditional purchase channels and a network of brokers and importers that make it possible to find complex components or obsolete.

Prototyping Models