Software development

I do not fear computers I fear the lack of them

The Akerue and Eureka software development teams are composed by a large number of experienced individuals with different information technology know-how and expertise.

More than specific knowledge, the team is distinguished by the capability of problem-solving analysis and definition of solution in fields which have not yet been explored.

The Akerue and Eureka cross market experiences allows us to build strong synergies between application fields apparently different from each other.

Many software solutions, deriving from such multiple expertise, are valued by our customers for the innovative features they possess.

The various software tools used by our developers allow our companies to develop software solutions for different hardware and operating systems.

Image processing

Man confuses the rim of his range of vision with the rim of the world

Our companies have developed several video and audio analysis software and algorithms.

Our experience ranges from pattern recognition systems to video fingerprint extraction algorithms. These algorithms help identify, with a very high level of precision, audio or video segments within a large media library.

These more classic methodologies have recently been upgraded with more innovative features, such as gesture and face recognition.

Thanks to these new tools any body gesture, face expression, glance direction is transformed into digital information, thus allowing an easier and straightforward interaction between the user and a complex hardware system.

The application fields range from anti-counterfeiting to industrial analysis and measuring systems, from medical to entertainment applications.

Also in this case, our software and hardware specific knowledge, allows us to distinguish the offers proposed to our clients.

We can offer video and audio analysis software running both on standard platforms as well as on dedicated and specifically designed hardware.


Measure what is measurable make measurable what is not

Since 2005, our companies are in the TV and radio audience measurement business.

During this time period, we have developed several different measurement devices, mobile or residential, and have worked on custom hardware or commercial devices, such as smartphones.

All such devices have their foundations based on our patented Sound Matching algorithm.
The devices, thanks to their internal microphone, capture a fraction of the audio, transforming the audio information in an effective and efficient audio fingerprint. A small piece of information is transferred to our processing cluster where it is compared with all broadcasted audio content, live and not only, by all TV and radio stations.

Our recognition system won several international tenders and has always exceeded the the expectations of clients pursuing third party tests.
Our sound matching algorithm is currently at the heart of several audience measurement systems, run by multinational companies present in the broadcasting and market research fields.

Internet Of Things

New computers will no longer have keyboards and screens, but will be inside every thing

An increasing number of applications require the capability to transfer data from remote devices to central servers, to efficiently store and analyze large amounts of data and allow the processing results to be available by different means of access, such as web apps, smartphone applications, and applications on dedicated devices. When developing “IoT” infrastructure, our attention is always directed towards what we consider to be the most critical aspects of these systems: optimization, reliability and scalability.

We put great emphasis on the optimization of data transfer protocols for the reduction of the amount of data transferred and the consequent operating costs of the system.

Use of dedicated communication networks “machine to machine” (M2M): compared to public cellular networks, such solutions provide greater service levels and better possibility of service customization and personalization: we are Vodafone’s partner for application development through the use of their GDSP platform.

To make the data acquisition and the analysis of the infrastructure scalable, we adopt clustering computing technologies, parallel analysis and distributed data analysis strategies. In order to fully implement our projects, we use “standard” solutions as well as custom ones, so as to best meet the specific needs of our customers.

Furthermore, we are able to provide hardware development solutions. In this case, we prefer solutions based on chips, rather than on modules. This choice guarantees maximum miniaturization, lower production costs and allows to select the communication channel with no limitation, short or long range, direct communication or by means of concentrators.

We are always heads-up on new technologies.

Linux Embedded System

Strength of free software

There is a lot of talk of Linux systems.

The new, cheaper and powerful processors allow users to install the Linux operating system also on industrial platforms, thus greatly reducing the application development time. But when real-time programming or driver development needs to interact with custom hardware, problems and complications tend to increase.

Our company can work with the client to find the best possible solution.

Our expertise in implementing Linux embedded solutions ranges from the creation of dedicated and optimized distributions by means of tools such as yocto, to the development of graphical user interfaces designed to provide the best usability of the product. Thanks to the collaboration with a prestigious design and communication company we are able to offer our clients unique and extremely high quality Italian design.

In the development of embedded systems, we can provide consolidated experience in the fields of audio and video streaming, in the implementation of VoIP standard protocols, and in the optimization of the system’s resources: an embedded system is not a standard computer and requires qualified and careful attention in order to function at best.

Advanced smartphone programming

Once upon a time the mobile…

Eureka and Akerue are capable of designing complex applications that run on all available operating systems, both using native codes or leveraging on middleware tools, so as to reduce development time and costs.

The continued growth spread of the Android system and terminals has also opened new intriguing possibilities inthe use these low cost, high performance devices as high-end interfaces in different fields.

We gained proficient knowledge of the Android operating system that give us the ability to transform a device in a dedicated piece of hardware optimized for customer needs.

The commercial device can be locked in such a way that the user cannot interact with it in any way other that what we designed. He cannot browse the internet, nor install new applications or read emails.

The locked devices are powerful units that can be used as interfaces that operate dedicated hardware.
Thanks to a partnership with a leading mobile manufacturer we can guide the selection of a device so as to reflect the characteristics requested by the client’s application or environment: price, robustness, power, graphics.

Eventually, if the client’s goal is to develop accessories in the world of Apple, our companies adhere to the Apple MFI program (Made For Ipad) and can guide through the complex procedures of producing and certifying Apple’s accessories.